An Intentional Community

We learn, practice, and grow in community.  


Meggan, Dawn, and Christy

Each of us have come to mindfulness from different directions, and we have created a welcoming space for one another and for those who seek to join us.  Meggan has a gift for understanding and building community, and she provides a welcoming and intentional space for others.  Dawn speaks to the heart of each individual and guides those around her to self-acceptance and self-understanding.  Christy cultivates deeper meaning and connection by creating a gracious space that allows for and honors vulnerability. 

Through our practice we have learned to honor where we are and to allow others to be where they are.  We have, mostly, accepted that life is a journey rather than a destination, and honoring our process of living gifts us with many opportunities for growth and healing when we embrace it, or at least moderately accept it.  Together, we practice creativity, faith, and being imperfect humans. Individually, we are stronger because we have practiced doing hard and uncomfortable things with compassionate support from others.  We are not perfect, and we do experience failure, anguish, sadness, and fear, but as a result of our willingness to acknowledge our suffering, we also experience joy, love, contentment, and community.  

In addition to mindfulness workshops and individual or small group mindfulness practice, Meggan and Dawn offer individual counseling sessions.  

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