Individual Counseling

Sometimes, you just need support from someone who listens with a gentle heart and hears with accepting ears. Maybe, you’re struggling with a personal decision or a personal relationship. You feel stuck and wonder where to grow, or bloom, next. Or, everything is going well and you still feel that something is missing. Maybe you’re overwhelmed with anxiety, fear, anger, or sadness, or you’d like to resolve old or new trauma. Whatever the reason, I offer you non-judgmental and compassionate support in your life’s journey to discover clarity, wellness, meaning and purpose. I work with people of all ages, young adults through wisdom-keepers. Some of my focus areas include: perfectionism/anxiety, supporting parents through pregnancy and parenting challenges, work-life balance, interpersonal relationships, and finding meaning in the elder years.  Together, we will address the needs of your whole self, so that rather than just get by, you thrive. 

Why Include the Body in Therapy?

Traditional talk therapy allows you to explore your thoughts, your situation, and your hopes. It works primarily with the mind, and we know the mind influences the body. So, I want to hear about you, your struggles, and your desires. Your body also influences your mind because your body holds implicit, or unconscious, memories that influence your decisions in everyday life. Becoming more aware of your felt experiences and the connections between those experiences, your emotions, and the impact they have in your life can help you change negative patterns and beliefs.


With your input, we may explore the connection between your body and your mind through:


Body awareness activities, like identifying and locating emotions in the body

Identifying resources, like people, places, hobbies, and spiritual practices

Movement practices, like gentle and restorative yoga

Relaxation practices, like present-moment focus and guided meditation


Some benefits to mind-body therapy:


Be present to the joys in your life

Feel a deeper connection to those you love

Feel comfortable and calm in uncomfortable situations

Experience deep relaxation

Be one of those people who enjoys life

Know what it means to “just relax”


Your body is more than a vehicle for your mind; it is a partner in your well-being.

Dawn Moncrief Licensed Professional Counselor in Grapevine TX

My focus for you is to help you find your path for healing, growth, and well-being.