Anxiety can steal these from you. Anxiety can leave you feeling sick to your stomach, fatigued, nauseous, irritable, and staring at the ceiling all night.  Maybe you feel frantic or uneasy, are easily frustrated, and lose patience with anything and everything.  Anxiety can lead to health problems, and it can factor into chronic pain and immune dysfunction.  I work with anxious or wounded people who are seeking relief from anxiety through relaxation, calm, purpose, and meaning. 

Stress and anxiety live in your body. And stress and anxiety are necessary for living. At its best, stress motivates you to pursue your interests and to reach your goals. And anxiety performs a vital task as it alerts you to danger and prepares your body to run or to fight to keep you alive. 

It’s when stress and anxiety become stuck, or they become
the body’s only response, that you find yourself overwhelmed
and unable to relax or to feel calm.

So, we will begin by identifying strategies and resources that you can use in the moment to reduce sensations related to anxiety.  With your input, we may explore:

Body awareness activities, like identifying and locating emotions in the body

Identifying resources, like people, places, hobbies, and spiritual practices

Movement practices, like gentle and restorative yoga

Relaxation practices, like present-moment focus and guided meditation

Symptom relief may be all you need from therapy.  However, if you would like to go deeper, we will explore the thoughts, behaviors, situations, and relationships that may underlie your anxiety.  We will consider how you can grow into your hopes and dreams.  We will discover what well-being means for you and identify how you can live in that space.

Dawn Moncrief Licensed Professional Counselor in Grapevine TX

My focus for you is to help you find your path for healing, growth, and well-being.